Robert Pattinson’s Batman Symbol May Be Made From Gun That Killed His Parents


Fans everywhere are freaking out at the new costume for Robert Pattinson’s Caped Crusader in the hugely anticipated film The Batman. The sleek design has everyone very excited, and some have even begun theorizing about the origins of the intriguing chest emblem.

Details about The Batman have been kept under wraps for months now, but director Matt Reeves decided to shock fans everywhere by dropping camera test footage showing off of the superhero’s new outfit. The armored iteration of the famous suit does a great job of standing out from previous versions, and one thing that fans find fascinating is the enthralling design of the bat symbol.

Usually, the logo is just for show and doesn’t really serve a purpose besides assisting the Dark Knight in brand awareness. But this version looks like it will actually be for something. It could be some type of weapon, grappling hook, or tricked out Batarang, but journalist Markeia McCarty took to Twitter to give everyone her own interesting take on what could be going down with the symbol on Batman’s chest.

According to her thought-provoking theory, this chest emblem could have ties to Bruce Wayne’s tragic past. She believes the symbol looks like the repurposed firearm used by Joe Chill to kill his parents. It’s known that Batman is driven by this heinous crime, and keeping the source of his pain close to his chest is a drop-dead fantastic idea. If nothing else, it would definitely help Pattinson’s version stand out from his predecessors.

As of right now, this is all just speculation, but one thing that’s for sure is that given what we’ve seen in this brief camera test, The Batman is shaping up to be one superhero film that fans won’t want to miss.