These are the best gifts for ‘Alien’ fans

Aliens vs Predator
Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator, 2010

Whenever you discuss classic movies, 1979’s Alien must be mentioned. Ridley Scott’s film totally changed the course of cinema history and spawned a massive franchise that has touched every medium, from books to comics and even video games. The movie also introduced viewers to the monstrous Xenomorph, a creature that has quickly become one of the most feared and recognizable monsters in history. 

If you’re looking for a gift for the Alien fan in your life, here are 10 that are so good, they’re basically coming out of the walls. 

Jonesy: Nine Lives on the Nostromo by Rory Lucey

This charming book is a parody of classic children’s stories. It follows Jonesy, the cat from Alien, as he enjoys his life aboard the Nostromo, chasing rodents and eating the best food the ship can supply. One day he finds that he isn’t alone on the shuttle, as the humans have a new pet. This pet isn’t what Jonesy expects, and he soon finds himself having to deal with various problems around the ship while still trying to enjoy all the things a cat enjoys. 

Retelling Alien from the cat’s perspective may seem like an odd idea on paper, but Rory Lucey has done a fantastic job. The story is well-paced, funny, and charming. The book also contains many full-color illustrations that add to the experience and are a lot of fun in their own right. Jonesy: Nine Lives on the Nostromo is the perfect gift for the Alien fan looking for something a little unusual to add to their collection. The book retails for about $10.

Alien Xenomorph egg salt & pepper shaker set

When you ask people to think about the Xenomorph, they don’t usually think of dinner. However, this set of salt and pepper shakers will allow you to bring some interstellar horror to your meals. 

These shakers are made of ceramic and are designed to resemble the classic Xenomorph eggs. In a nice touch, one egg is open, and the other is closed, making it easy to tell which is which from across the table. Unlike many novelty salt and pepper shakers, the eggs’ round shape means that they can hold plenty of granules. These condiments pour nice and evenly, making them both fashionable and functional. This set retails for around $20.

Weta Workshop Mini Epics – Ellen Ripley

Weta Workshop’s Mini Epics line has become extremely popular with collectors. These small vinyl figures take famous characters and present them in a cartoony style that calls back to classic cartoons and comics while retaining all the elements that make the character iconic.

This Ripley figure is one of the best in the range, capturing all of Ripley’s badassery and grit while still looking recognizably like Sigourney Weaver, the original actress who played the role. This figure sees Ripley wielding her iconic flamethrower and gripping an extremely unhappy Jonesy. This dynamic pose makes the figure look super cool and sets it apart from other similar Ripley figures. It conveys both her physicality and personality while still looking very close to the character seen on screen. This figure looks great on a desk or shelf and makes a fantastic conversation piece or a collection centerpiece. This statue retails for $40.

DC & Dark Horse: Aliens

First released in 2016, this book collects several stories from the Dark Horse and DC Comics crossover event that saw the Xenomorphs crash-land in the DC Universe. First, the beasts encounter Batman, and after an intense battle, Batman has to work with Superman to end the alien menace once and for all. This collection also features a story starring the often forgotten WildC.A.T.S, which adds a unique twist to the book. 

This collection represents a unique moment in comics history, one that likely won’t happen ever again. Historical value aside, the collection features some unusual stories that will keep you gripped right until the end. This is combined with some fantastic art that perfectly merges the visual languages of both DC and the Alien franchise. While it is on the rarer side now, this collection is sure to become the centerpiece of any fan’s comic collection. This comic retails for $80-100.

Aliens: Fire and Stone

The Alien franchise has spawned many fantastic comics, and Fire And Stone is often considered one of the best. The comic attempts to tie together the events of the prequel movie Prometheus and the first Alien film, and the resulting story actually fixes many fans’ issues with Prometheus

Fire and Stone follows a group of colonists who, during the infestation of Hadley’s Hope, evacuate to moon LV-233 from Prometheus. However, they soon find that LV-233 isn’t how they left it, and some strange creatures may be hiding on the planet’s surface waiting to strike. As they try to survive, they learn more about the mystery of the Xenomorph and how the universe came to be how it is. 

A fantastic take on Prometheus‘ lore, Fire and Stone presents readers with a tense, gripping, and understandable plot packed full of mystery, making it the perfect comic for those who want to experience a new Alien story. This comic retails for around $30.

Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the harsh life of a colonial marine, then Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps is the best (and safest) way to do it. This game is a co-op board game that supports one to six players. 

Players take the role of marines as they head into Hadley’s Hope to find survivors and answers. Each campaign is made up of a series of small missions, each with its own objectives. However, if the marines want to survive the encounter, they’ll have to think their actions through and fight their way past a flood of hungry Xenomorphs. This is a brilliant, fast-paced tactical game and a great first strategy game for newer players. This makes it perfect for Alien fans who want to dip their toes into board games. 

It’s also an aesthetically pleasing game with beautifully designed boards and some highly detailed game pieces. These work together to really help set the scene and give the whole game an unmistakably Alien vibe. The game retails for around $70.

Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report 

While fans debate if the Alien franchise’s many sequels can hold a candle to the original, many agree that the non-movie Alien content has been fantastic. 

Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report was first released in 2014 and is presented as a technical guide to the Xenomorph. Using new illustrations and behind-the-scenes photos, it details humanity’s encounters with and knowledge of the terrifying alien creature. This book is a unique take on the franchise’s lore and gives fans a closer look at the iconic monster and the world surrounding it, making it the perfect present for the Xenomorph superfan. This book retails for around $120.

The Making of Alien by J.W. Rinzler 

J.W. Rinzler is famous for his books detailing the creation of the Star Wars movies. This book, covering the production of Alien, doesn’t disappoint. Looking at Alien with modern eyes, it’s hard to realize just how groundbreaking it was. In fact, it’s difficult to appreciate how hard it was to even get the film into production. 

This book features interviews with the cast and crew who worked on the film and is packed full of never-before-seen images from the Fox archive, offering a unique look at the creation of this film from conception to silver screen. The book retails for around $60.

NECA – Aliens Kenner Tribute action figures

In the ’80s and ’90s, it wasn’t uncommon for R-rated movies to get Saturday morning cartoon shows. Robocop had one, Rambo had one, and Alien very nearly received the same treatment. 

The toy company Kenner came up with a show called Operation: Aliens that saw Ripley and her space marines fight off the Xenomorph menace on various planets. Part of this planned project was a toy line that featured Xenomorphs based on Earth’s animals, and while the show never happened, the toys were released in limited quantities.

For years, these toys have been the holy grail of Alien collectors, and now Neca has released a line of Kenner tribute figures that contains new, updated versions of the animal Xenomorphs from that rare line. 

Currently, you can get the Panther Alien, Cougar Alien, and the Rhino Alien. These figures are amazingly detailed and capture all of the ’90s charm while appealing to the modern eye. These figures are a fun item for the Alien collector who loves the weird side of the franchise. The figures range from $40-$100.

H.R. Giger. 40th Ed. by Andreas J. Hirsch and Hans Werner Holzwarth

H.R. Giger’s biomechanical horrors were crucial to Alien’s success. Without his guiding hand, the Xenomorph wouldn’t be the legend it is today, and if you like the designs from Alien, then you’ll love the rest of Giger’s artwork. 

This book, published by Taschen, features high-resolution images of many of Giger’s most famous and popular works, giving you a good overview of his lengthy career. The book also includes writing by Andreas J. Hirsch and Hans Werner Holzwarth. These essays and notes guide you through the various pieces and give them the needed context, allowing you to deeply appreciate the beautiful horrors and the stunning talent on display. This book retails for $25.

All of these Alien-themed gifts are bound to give the sci-fi fan in your life a horrifyingly delightful Christmas morning.