These are the best gifts for Marvel fans

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Every year, the holiday season comes around and inspires people to flock to every store in sight to find the best gifts for their loved ones. For Marvel fans, this is the perfect time to rack up on merch and accessories to add to their growing collection of memorabilia. But shopping for the right gift for a Marvel fan can be difficult thanks to the hundreds of gifts available, all aiming to commemorate yet another “marvelous” year of theatrical releases and Disney Plus darlings.

Depending on the age and interest level of the Marvel fan you’re shopping for, picking the right gift can be tricky. However, there are more than a few gifts that any Marvel fan will be happy to have. From coffee mugs to figurines, we’ve compiled a list of go-to gifts that Marvel fans of all ages are sure to love!

Let’s take a look at some of the best gifts that Marvel currently has to offer before the inventory gets any bigger.

Marvel Pinball Arcade Cabinet

For fans of both Marvel and arcade games, this gift is a perfect addition to one’s collection. This digital pinball machine features 10 Marvel titles for you to choose from and is a modern twist on a classic antique. Despite its retro arcade feel, the machine is built with high-tech features such as haptic feedback and accelerometer, fitting perfectly with Marvel’s focus on advanced technology.

Iron Man Mask 3D Deco Light

Built to resemble Iron Man’s helmet, deco lighting is currently a bestseller on Amazon. And the best part is that it’s reasonably cheap, coming in at $49.99. It’s battery-powered and perfect for any bedroom where Iron Man himself might need to keep an eye on things. Families with multiple Marvel fans are in luck⏤you can also find 3D Marvel deco lights featuring Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, and Hulk’s fist.

Marvel Hero Elite Boxing Gloves

This gift is perfect for the boxing enthusiast in your life. The hand-crafted gloves feature patented dual-wrist wraps and premium foam technology that offer a tailored fit and impressive support. The gloves also come in eight iconic hero designs including Black Panther, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Iron Man, Punisher, Symbiote, and Thor. At $55.60, Marvel’s Elite Boxing Gloves are a useful and reasonably priced gift for Marvel fans of all ages.

Black Widow Skinit Decal Gaming Skin for Xbox One Controller

With Marvel’s Avengers now on the Xbox console, fans can enjoy playing as their favorite characters as they play through the game’s immersive and massive storyline. There’s no better way to level up your gaming experience than with this fresh Xbox One controller decal featuring Black Widow, one of the fiercest Avengers around. The skin is made from a 3M durable auto-grade vinyl and can be applied and removed from your controller with ease. The best thing about this gift is that it can mark the beginning of an extensive Marvel controller skin collection.

Spider-Man Device Holder

Speaking of controllers, this durable device holder can “hold” your Black Widow controller once you’re done using it. A beautifully crafted figurine that also works with Spider-Man themed decor, this device holder is perfect for keeping phones and other small devices out of harm’s way when you’re on-the-go. It also comes with a USB cable so that you can charge any device that you decide to put down. A great gift at the low price of $24.95, this Spider-Man holder is both useful and impressive to look at.

UBTECH Iron Man MK50 Robot

You really can’t go wrong with this gift. The Iron Man MK 50 Robot is the first-ever humanoid robot inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Built by UBTECH Robotics, this 13-inch robot is inspired by Tony Stark’s body armor and combines advanced robotics with augmented reality to allow complete AR missions and interaction with Marvel characters.

Pairing the robot with your phone allows you to control its movements, lights, and sounds. You can also learn easy programming to code original audio, upgrade weaponry, and create custom action sequences to personalize your interactions. Easy to set up, this toy is a great addition to any Marvel fan’s collection and, according to reviews, is totally worth the $199 price point. 

New Edition Marvel Encyclopedia

Although there are many Marvel fans who know the MCU inside and out, those same fans are not as well-versed in the comics side of the universe. That’s why this Marvel Encyclopedia is the perfect gift for fans looking to know more about their favorite characters. The hardcover encyclopedia features an introduction from Stan Lee and details on over 1,200 Marvel characters.

From superheroes to villains, this book includes expanded entries of more than 50 new characters including Anti-Venom, Saberclaw, Doctor Nemesis, and Spider-Man 2211. It also includes updates from MCU events like Age of Ultron and the Infinity War. In addition, each entry features original artwork from the Marvel comics along with text from the preeminent authorities in the comics, graphic novel, and entertainment spaces. A comprehensive guide to all things Marvel, this encyclopedia is another great gift for the fan looking to learn more about Marvel’s history.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Long Range Walkie-Talkies

Though it’s been a while since Tom Holland’s first rodeo as the webslinger, these Spider-Man: Homecoming-inspired walkie talkies are still great gifts for your children as Spider Man: No Way Home promos bring us closer to the film’s premiere next month. The battery-powered toys light up and provide Marvel-inspired sound effects, making it perfect for kids as they play around the house. At $24.99 apiece, it’s advisable that you find a sale that allows you to purchase one and get the other for free if possible. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

If you haven’t been keeping up with all things Marvel, then you may not be aware of Sony PlayStation’s Spider-Man game series. The first installment, Marvel’s Spider-Man, was considered one of the best game titles of 2018 for its immersive gameplay, cutting-edge graphics, and deep storytelling. Recently, Sony released its second installment featuring comic book fan-favorite Miles Morales, and so far reviews for the game have gone through the roof. Well-received for its narrative gameplay, players finally get to experience the bioelectric venom blast and camouflage powers of Spider-Man’s young protege. Complete with all the other elements that Spider-Man is known for, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a great game and another perfect gift for Marvel fans of all ages.

Marvel Funko Pop! Figures

Over the past few years, Funko Pops have slowly become must-haves for collectors invested in any major franchise. This year, the Funko Pop! brand has released new Marvel figurines that include Black Widow, Loki, and the Scarlet Witch. Each one focuses on a particular period in the Marvel characters’ timeline, and the Holiday Groot shown above glows in the dark!

If you’d like a little bit of nostalgia, Black Widow’s Funko Pop figure is outfitted in the all black attire she wore during the first Avengers film, but if you’re trying to commemorate the start of Phase 4, Loki and Wanda’s Funko Pop figures are more in line with the current times. Loki’s Funko Pop is inspired by the trickster’s time in the TVA and comes complete with his signature tan suit and tie, whereas Scarlet Witch’s figure is inspired by Wanda Maximoff’s Scarlet Witch costume from the “Halloween Spooktacular” episode of WandaVision. With prices ranging from $9 to $20 apiece, these hot collectibles are a decently-priced investment for any Marvel fan.

Lego Marvel Mini Figures

The popular toy brand has been introducing its line of Marvel-inspired figures for the past few years, and during that time their popularity has increased immensely. Thanks to that, these toys are usually sold out on the same day that they’re released, so if you’re hoping to buy one, you’d better hurry before they run out. Now that Lego has introduced its newest line⏤which features the most updated characters from all of the most recent Marvel movies and shows⏤the odds of finding them still in stock around Christmas is even more unlikely. Currently, the new set comes with figures heavily inspired by Marvel’s Disney Plus originals, which include WandaVision, Loki, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the animated What If…?

Marvel Hasbro Shang-Chi Figure

Now that Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi is currently streaming on Disney Plus, more households have a chance to enjoy the blockbuster at home. This means that even more kids will be running around the house acting out their favorite parts from the movie. Why not add something tangible for their imaginations to latch onto? The six-inch Hasbro action toy is currently one of the most realistic depictions of Shang-Chi and comes with his signature bo staff. The figure itself also has several points of articulation, which allow for fluid movement and dozens of realistic poses that are only limited by your child’s imagination. It’s certainly not a bad grab for just $22.50.

Lego Marvel Shang-Chi Battle at the Ancient Village

If your kids are really loving the Shang-Chi movie, you can also add this epic new Lego set to the mix. With it, your kids can build the legendary dragon known as Fin Fang Foom and recreate the epic battle scene at Ta Lo. Similar to Hasbro’s Shang-Chi figure, Fing Fang Foom also comes with various points of articulation, allowing your children to move it in a way that will fuel their imaginations and pave the way for hours of Lego fun. Another great grab at the reasonable price of $32, this Lego set is sure to put a smile on your child’s face come Christmas morning.

Avengers Playing Cards

This is a great gift for adult Marvel fans. A perfect addition for any house party or living room decor, these gorgeous Marvel-themed cards feature cosmic foils that change color in the light and custom art of the most iconic Marvel characters including Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Black Panther.

Marvel Decorative Shoe Charms

Lately, casual attire has become all the rage, and nothing is more popular than Crocs. Whether lounging around the house, going to work, or enjoying a day of shopping, these Marvel Croc shoe charms are the perfect accessory for any Marvel fan. With a decent number of characters to choose from, these charms are perfect stocking stuffers and will add colorful, heroic flair to anyone’s Croc game. At the low price of $4.99, you can buy one for each of your friends and family members and wear them with pride as you engage in your heroic duties.

The Black Widow Strikes Omnibus

This graphic novel is perfect for new Black Widow fans hoping to learn more about the character. Illustrated by Don Heck, John Buscema, Gene Colan, and George Perez, this collection of stories covers Natasha Romanoff’s origins from the very beginning and vividly captures her evolution from Russian spy to Marvel superhero. 

Admittedly, this gift is kind of pricey at over $70, but if you’re a true Marvel fan (or at least know someone who is), then it may be well worth the money. Paired with the Marvel Encyclopedia, The Black Widow Strikes Omnibus is a thoughtful present and a great way for the average Marvel fan to explore the comics side of the universe.

Thanos Gauntlet Beer Opener

This is perfect for any Marvel fan with a healthy and responsible love for beer. Designed to look like Thanos’ infamous Infinity Gauntlet⏤all the way down to the Infinity Stones⏤the Thanos Gauntlet Beer Opener is a great accessory to have when you need to crack open a cold one at the end of a long day. For an item that any participating adult can make use of and keep for years to come, the price of $13.99 is a good investment if you’re trying to find a good gift for the more mature Marvel fan in your life.

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