These are the best gifts for Spider-Man fans

If you’re a Spider-Man fan, then every year is full of holiday gift options that are too good to ignore⏤especially this holiday season, with Spider-Man: No Way Home swinging into theaters in a few short weeks. The mania for Spider-Man merchandise is at its absolute peak, and after we finally got a look at the Sinister Six in the latest No Way Home trailer, the nostalgia for Holland’s predecessors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield has also risen significantly.

This means that everyone in the merchandise industry is going to milk the Spider-Man brand for everything it’s worth, which in turn means more Spider-Man deals for you. Whether you’re looking for yourself or someone close, these gift recommendations are more than enough to choose from if you need some help with your holiday shopping for that Spider-fan in your life.

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol 1

After numerous cartoons and three different cinematic versions of the same character, it’s safe to say that everybody knows Spider-Man’s beginnings, right? If you’re a collector or a new Spider-Man fan looking to go back in time, then this commemorative tribute to the wall crawler’s first comic book appearance is a must-have. A compilation of Amazing Fantasy #15 and the first ten issues from the Amazing Spider-Man series published in 1963, this Amazon bestseller follows the origins of a young Peter Parker as he’s given the amazing powers of a spider while still trying to deal with the pressures of being an everyday teenager. 

Amazing Spider-Man Masterworks Vol 1 is available in hardcover, paperback, and is also available for download on the Kindle app. However, if you’re hoping to keep a physical copy, it’s going to run you anywhere from $80 to $190. Of course if you just want the reading experience, you can still download it for the cheap price of $12.99.

Spider-Man Infinity War statue

One of Spider-Man’s coolest moments in the MCU was when he first donned the Iron Spider suit in Infinity War. This beautiful statue from Diamond Select Toys does a great job of capturing that iconic image as Peter stands ready to face off against the armies of Thanos. At nine inches tall and the low price of $44.99, this gift is definitely for the serious Spider-Man fan and collector with an overwhelming love for the character.

The complete Spider-Man five film collection

Whether you’re an old fan or a more recent one, having this Blu-ray collection is essential to building your Spider-Man library. This boxed set contains the first Spider-Man trilogy starring Tobey Maguire and follows it up with The Amazing Spider-Man series featuring Andrew Garfield in a neat little package that will cost you $30 or so. It’s not a bad grab for thirty dollars and will come just in time to catch up on all the previous Spider-Man movies before No Way Home premieres on Dec. 17.

Spider-Man: Homecoming action figure

This toy is so good that even if you bought it for your kid, it would be hard for any adult to keep themselves from playing with it. One of the most realistic and poseable Spider-Man action figures ever made, this highly articulated one comes complete with interchangeable hand and eye parts, a backpack, and even a cell phone. With it, you can recreate many of Spider-Man’s iconic poses from the 2017 film. Whether you have him crouching low on the ground or shooting webs in midair, this action figure is not only a great way for collectors and fans to commemorate the film, but it also works as a fascinating toy for any child looking up to the iconic hero. Fair warning: you’ll need to be absolutely sure that your child is responsible enough not to break it once you hand over a lot of plastic parts.

Marvel Spider-Man on PS4

Of course, there’s no way you can go wrong with a Spider-Man video game, as long as you have a PS4 to play it on. When we’re talking games, there’s only one on the mind of every Spider-Man fan and that video game developer Insomniac’s latest dive into the Spider-Man universe. From Sony interactive entertainment, Marvel’s Spider-Man follows a more experienced Peter Parker who’s been fighting big-time crime in New York City for at least 8 years. Thanks to Insomniac’s expansive and interactive storytelling, fans can swing through vibrant neighborhoods and catch breathtaking views of Marvel landmarks as Peter comes across several reimagined versions of iconic characters from all across the Spider-Man universe.

When you finish with the main storyline, Marvel’s Spider-Man has even more DLC content to play through and keep you preoccupied well until the next holiday season. Then once you’ve finished that, you can jump on over to Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales to embark on a brand new Spider-Man adventure with another of the universe’s famous characters. You can now get this great game for the price of $19.99.

Marvel Spider-Man coffee mug

For $21, you really can’t beat this gift. It’s simple, thoughtful, and conveys everything that it needs to embrace the essence of Spider-Man. Made from high-quality stoneware, this ceramic mug definitely carries a certain “mug-shot” presence as Spider-Man’s scowling mask stares you in the face with his bold and bright character design. Microwave safe and easy to clean, this sculpted ceramic mug is a great gift idea for any Spider-Man fan.

The official Spider-Man: Homecoming Spider Drone

If you loved Peter’s faithful companion Drony from Spider-Man: Homecoming,  then you’re going to get a kick out of this functional replica of Spidey’s eight-legged surveillance drone. Complete with a Spidey suit-inspired design and ergonomic flight controller, this drone comes with voice feedback of phrases straight from the blockbuster film, including a free Spider Drone app that hosts a flight manual and checklist of flight achievements to help improve your performance. 

Powered by Viper Flight 5, the drone also comes with flight assist features such as Auto Hover and Auto Land. You can even customize it to move in autopilot mode while you relax and watch it take flight.  For a pretty regular drone inspired by one of the biggest blockbuster movies in the last few years, it’s not a bad gift for $100.

Funko Pop Marvel Spider-Man keychain 

Funko Pop is everywhere and it’s gotten to the point that sometimes buying this gift can be seen as predictable. That doesn’t mean you can’t switch it up, and this Funko Pop Spider-Man keychain is a perfect way to do just that. 

True to form, this figurine is an artistically sculpted Funko Pop version of the Marvel superhero in an adorable pose that is made to attach securely to a keychain and stand up to everyday wear and tear. A great gift for the casual adult Spider-Man fan, this present will luckily only cost you $14.99 on Amazon.

Spider-Man engraved decanter

If you’re anything like the Osborne Family and have a taste for the fine spirits, then you’ll love this Spider-Man engraved decanter and rocks glasses set from Abby Smith. Simply designed with the iconic Spider-Man symbol, this glass set is completely dishwasher safe and includes one decanter with two rock glasses that’s perfect for entertaining a personal guest while you speculate over Sony’s next move concerning the Marvel hero. At just a little over $60, this is a great gift for the more sophisticated Spider-Man fan.

Spider-Man gaming chair

If you or someone you love is a Spider-Man fan that spends a lot of their time behind a desk working or gaming, then this chair is a great investment that they’re sure to love. It has a curved head cushion and height adjustable back as well as an included cushion for additional comfort. You can also plug in an USB to activate the lumbar cushions dual vibration for therapeutic support and ultimate game experience. It’s a great option for providing you with an optimal seat position to protect your back if you’re a fan whose constantly sitting upright for long periods of time. 

Emblazoned with a large Marvel logo at the top, Spider-Man logo at the bottom and a stylized web pattern centered in the middle of the chair, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Spider-Man is that owner’s favorite superhero. Understandably priced at $189, this is also a great gift for the adult Spider-Man fan with more serious tastes.

Spider-Man iPhone case

A phone case is always a great gift during the holiday season, since everyone is usually purchasing a new iPhone around this time. So if you or a loved one are Spider-Man fans who have recently purchased some new iPhones, then a Spider-Man iPhone case is another great gift idea to think about for Christmas.

This clear jelly case boasts a slim lightweight design and can fit all iPhone 6 phones and allows the color of the iPhone and the Apple logo to show through while making the cartoon Spider-Man hanging on the back stand out. Just remember that this case only fits the iPhone 6 models, so if you need one that fits for the Android or another model, you’ll have to find another Spider-Man phone case.

Spider-Man sports canvas duffle bag

For years, fans have been impressed by the level of dedication Marvel actors have invested to maintain their attractive physiques for their superhero roles, which has prompted them to get in the gym and work out to attain their own best bods. If you’re a Spider-Man fan, then you also know that the character has one of the most impressive physiques for a character of his stature and just so happens to be the one that most have a tendency to aim for.

If you’re one of those fans or know a loved one trying to earn that Spider-Man physique, then this Spider-Man sports canvas duffle bag is a wonderful and exceptionally functional gift that is ideal for your gym routine. At $40, the simple black bag is a great organizer for bulky and large items, making it the perfect sports bag for hitting the gym, camping, or traveling. Made of 100% premium quality canvas fabric and adorned with a bright red Spider-Man logo on the front for an iconic look, this gift idea is a perfect accessory that will last a long time for any Spider-Man fan.

Marvel Spider-Man headphones

These headphones may not be as sophisticated as BOSE or iPhone earbuds, but if you’re a Spider-Man fan who’s not really stressed about having brand name headphones, this a perfect gift to think about. With these headphones, you get a completely adjustable and padded headband with cushy earpieces that are reasonably thick and comfortable. The headpiece itself has the specific shade of red from the Spider-Man costume and has the geometric spider symbol that’s seen normally on the chest of Peter Parker suit, while the outside of the headphones are emblazoned on either side with his iconic mask.

The headphones also feature a built-in microphone which make them perfect for multitasking, allowing you to listen to music one minute and take a call with the next thanks to the simple switch of the built-in mic button. With a decent retail price of $24.95, a pair of Marvel Spider-Man headphones are a thoughtful gift that will put a smile on the face of any Spider-fan.

Spider-Man hanging bobble-head

This is a sweet gift for any Spider-Man fan that’s old enough to get behind the wheel and looking to spruce up their brand new ride with their favorite hero. The Luean Spider-Man Car-Hanging Bobble-Head is chibi version of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man from the Homecoming film and is very intricately designed to be a simple bobble-head. 

The webbing he dangles from features a strong magnet and the bobble-head has two pieces of adhesive that can attach Spider-Man webbing to services such as glass and wood. You can basically stick him anywhere you please, but let’s be honest, the best place for any bobble is in your car. The figure also comes with a fabric covered head rather than one sculpted from plastic just to make sure that it’s extra bobbly. As long you don’t lose track of it, this should last you a pretty long time.

Which Spider-Man gift are you most likely to give to a friend or loved one? Let us know in a comment below!

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