These Horror Sequels Outdid The Originals According To The Internet

There are a few rules universally true to staying alive within the horror community: never run upstairs when a killer is chasing you, remain a virgin for as long as possible, and for all that is good in this world — don’t stop to check if someone is behind you, if you hear footsteps JUST RUN!

Another universal truth in horror is that the original movies or the first films in a franchise are often viewed as almost untouchable. They’re hailed as supreme and put on a pedestal, and there is not a lot of discussing any different with die-hard fans.

On that topic of discussion, this horror fan posed an interesting question via a Reddit thread today; which sequels within the horror genre were better than their original films?

Fans were quick to respond with favorite sequels of their own and shared opinions on everything from Bride of Frankenstein to Ouija Origins Of Evil (technically a prequel); here’s what fans are saying about their horror sequel favorites.

This user says that Bride of Frankenstein is “hands down the best kind of sequel”.

This post actually inspired people to check out the movie after they saw the positive review.

Many horror fans agreed with this idea, saying Chucky really found his footing in the first movie which allowed for him to take off in the second.

This comment had many replies grateful Terminator was added to the list!

This thread had a few comments agreeing with the second, and even the third, in this franchise being better than the original. We’ve got to be honest here, this set of films absolutely spooked us.

Do you have controversial opinions on horror sequels, agree with any of the comments made above? Let’s chat about it.