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Things get heated as DC fans choose between ‘The Batman’ or ‘Man of Steel’ sequels

Which sequel would you rather see?

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DC movie fans are going hard in a debate over their preferred sequel: Man of Steel 2 or The Batman 2.

The billion-dollar question was posed by Twitter user @theSnyderKnight who apparently wants to know the general consensus when it comes to the heavily rumored sequel to 2013’s Man of Steel and the upcoming sequel to the recently released The Batman. As expected, the red-pill-blue-pill question was enough to trigger a massive battle of DC fans defending their favorite film.

Responses range from conciliatory to downright vicious, which each side striving to point out the demerits of the other film.

Some fans are more invested in whether the film was worth watching instead of taking sides.

Some fans were happy to not indulge in the argument at all and instead flaunted their love for Henry Cavill, hoping that his version of the caped superhero graces the silver screen once again.

And of course, the topic of bringing back Cavill’s Superman triggered the neverending #RestoreTheSnyderVerse debate.

Man of Steel was the DCEU’s first film and marked Cavill’s first appearance as Clark Kent aka Superman. While it was a box office success, it wasn’t exactly a favorite of critics. While the departure of Zack Snyder effectively ended his vision for the DCEU, at least Ben Affleck is still set to reprise his role as Batman in the upcoming The Flash film. But the DC cinematic universe already has another Batman in the form of Robert Pattinson who made his DCEU debut in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which has tasted critical and commercial success.

Sadly, no matter how many fans are in favor of Cavill’s return as Superman, for now, the only officially greenlit film is the sequel to 2022’s live-action adaptation of the caped crusader.

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