This 100% certified holiday comedy can be streamed now

meet me in st louis
Image: Meet Me in St. Louis

There is no film greater at getting someone into the holiday spirit than the Judy Garland 1944 musical comedy, Meet Me in St. Louis. Described as a holiday must-see for all ages this film has 33 fresh certifications by Rotten Tomatoes making it one of the few films to maintain a perfect score.

The film follows the wealthy Smith family in the year 1903, Esther, one of the four daughters, falls in love with the boy next door, but as he hardly notices her the story follows her attempts to grab his attention. That is until he announces he has joined the Police force and is moving to New York, meaning that he must leave St. Louis and the St. Louis fair. This film features the iconic songs ‘The Trolley song’ and ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’, it is one of Judy Garland’s most notarized performances and praised by critics and fans alike.

David Kehr from the Chicago Reader said in 2008:

“One of the first films to integrate musical numbers into the plot, it explores, without condescension or simplemindedness, the feelings that drive the family members apart and then bring them back together again.”

Chicago Reader

Luke Park’s review for Film Inquiry said:

“Three quarters of a century later, the film still beckons the miracles of love and family; it’s a fine-tuned, pastel romp, worthy of its place among the best of the big brass Hollywood musicals.”

Film Inquiry

This film combines music, comedy, love, family, and above all else holiday spirit. So it’s no surprise why this film has a 100% fresh rating and is still praised by fans.

Fans can stream Meet Me in St. Louis on HBO Max.