This 60s Horror Film Is Suddenly Popular On Hulu After Actress’s Death

When it comes to horror movies, there are some that are undeniably classics that inspired every single film that came after. One of those movies is Night of the Living Dead which has inspired zombie archetypes in modern pop culture and is the reason many post-apocalyptic films of today look the way they do.

Recently, the film has suddenly risen up the stream rankings list to become the number ten most popular film on the entirety of Hulu. Fans around the world seem to be tuning in to see one of Marilyn Eastman’s most popular performances as a special tribute after her death at age 87.

Her son, John Eastman, broke the news of her death on Facebook. He discussed the works his mother had been in during her life, especially Night of the Living Dead.

“Marilyn was a Stage, Television and Radio performer as well as a writer and producer. More importantly, she was a hard working single mother who raised my brother and I on her own. I cannot overstate how much she enjoyed the affection and attention shown to her by countless NOLD fans, and up until several weeks ago, was planning personal appearances.”

Fans have been sharing their best wishes for the Eastman family with #MarilynEastman on Twitter. Those who want to join in on watching the film in her honor can find Night of the Living Dead streaming on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, YouTube, and many other services.