This Decades-Old Horror Movie Is Trending For An Unusual Reason

It’s not often a movie that’s over thirty years old returns to the spotlight but it looks like this Tim Burton classic is doing so for a very unique reason. The Academy Award-winning film was a critical and commercial success spawning more than just a cult following for years to come. Now it’s time for Beetlejuice to come back into the spotlight!

No, it’s not a movie sequel in the works, but the return of Beetlejuice on Broadway is something that fans have been campaigning to see happen for some time now. “What’s crazy about our stage door is half of them are dressed up as Beetlejuice,” said Alex Brightman — the original Beetlejuice for the musical — about fans back in 2019. “It’s this insane fan base, which I’m loving.”

“We are overjoyed to be able to bring ‘The Ghost with The Most’ back to Broadway and are looking forward to seeing all our ‘Beetlejuice’ fans this spring at the Marriott Marquis. We sincerely thank the ‘Beetlejuice’ fans; it is because of their support that we will be able to blow the roof off the Marquis Theatre three-times over with fun and laughter, laughter and laughter!”

Show Producers Mark Kaufman and Kevin McCormick

It looks like they were absolutely right to bring the musical back to Broadway as fans are seriously celebrating the announcement. Fans were so excited that they even got Beetlejuice to trend on Twitter.

While the cast has yet to be announced, Beetlejuice on Broadway will return on April 8, 2022, to be performed at the Marriott Marquis Theater.