A Terrific Emily Blunt Movie Is Blowing Up On Streaming

Emily Blunt

This movie was never supposed to get a sequel but now that it has, it’s skyrocketing through the ranks to be the most streamed film on Paramount+. This follow-up to a surprise 2018 thriller that took the world by storm has Emily Blunt as the lead to reprise her role as Evelyn Abbott that picks up from the events of the previous film.

A Quiet Place Part II was a challenge to get just right according to Emily. “You’d want it to match and be loyal to the tone of it [A Quiet Place],” she said in an interview with Variety. “Our world expands and gets bigger, but it has the same intense muscularity of the first one.”

The movie opens with a flashback to when the creatures invaded Earth, a scene so thrilling it is what inspired Blunt to want to return to the film for the sequel. “[John Krasinski] pitched me the opening, and I was like, ‘Oh my god.’ [It was] undeniably great, and I realized I would have been an idiot not to want to be in that opening sequence.”

The film then moves on to show the direct events that took place after the first movie, with the Abbot family having discovered that high-frequency radio waves can literally make the alien’s brains explode. With this knowledge, they try to find a way to use this while finding other survivors so they can take down this menace once and for all.

“If the first movie is from the parents to the kids, this is the love letter from the kids to the parents,” John Krasinski, director of the film said. “It’s a letter of dreams and hopes. I hope [my children are] this brave, and I hope they’re this courageous, and I hope they’re the ones that, when time gets dark, they’re cool enough to light the candle.”

A Quiet Place Part II is currently available to stream on Paramount+.