This German Thriller Is In The Top 5 Most Popular Films On Netflix


A new Netflix Original is out, and it is already one of the most popular movies on the streaming platform.

Black Island, a German mystery thriller, is currently the No. 4 movie on Netflix in the United States and worldwide, according to FlixPatrol. The film, which stars Phillip Froissant, Hanns Zischler, Alice Dwyer, and Mercedes Müller, trails fellow Netflix originals The Kissing Booth 3, Beckett, and Vivo in the rankings.

In the movie, Jonas (Froissant), an orphan who lives on a remote island with his grandfather after his parents were killed in an accident a year earlier, meets Helena, his new German teacher. Something’s not quite right about Helena, but Jonas engages in an intimate relationship with Helena nonetheless. But Helena’s motives for showing up at Jonas’ school seem much more sinister than he realizes.

Despite the high streaming numbers, Black Island does not hold a favorable rating on IMDb. With 264 user ratings, the film has a 5.2 rating out of a possible 10. The consistent redeeming quality from the reviews is the cinematography. One reviewer said the film’s visuals are so good that it could “serve as a campaign for the German tourist board.”

Black Island is available via Netflix worldwide.