This Horror “Documentary” Has Fans Up In Arms Defending It

lake mungo

In the pantheon of iconic horror faux documentaries, found footage films, or mockumentaries, Lake Mungo isn’t among the first titles mentioned. However, the 2008 Australian horror film has developed a cult following over the years. Director Joel Anderson’s take on a horror faux documentary is the definition of a slow burn.

The film is a ghost story surrounding a teenage girl drowning while swimming with her family and subsequently haunting their home. The subject matter is taken very seriously and has the feel of a real documentary. While Lake Mungo holds a 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, some viewers aren’t very impressed. A recent thread on Reddit was started and one user expressed their issues with the film.

For such a slow-moving movie, it’s no surprise that some may have an issue with it. Despite the initial user not being a fan, many came out in droves supporting it, praising the themes and atmosphere. Warning, there are spoilers for the film for those who haven’t seen it.

Another user appreciated how the film dealt with the themes of grief.

If one is used to more contemporary horror faux documentaries like Paranormal Activity or V/H/S, it’s easy to see why a slower movie like Lake Mungo may be divisive. With that said, it’s a film that many can resonate with as long as they buy into the themes and style. It’s not a found footage movie. It’s filmed like a real documentary and some may even believe that it’s telling a real story based on the style.

Director Joel Anderson hasn’t made much since the film was released but was a script editor on the hugely popular Netflix miniseries Clickbait.