This Indonesian Comedy Is One Of The Top 5 Most Popular Movies On Disney+

Disney is no stranger to producing some incredible comedy films. From Cool Runnings to Freaky Friday, many of their classic laugh-a-minute films can be found on Disney+. Despite this massive catalog, an Indonesian film from 2020 is doing far better than most of their other comedy movies or even just movies in general and they didn’t even produce it.

Produced by MD Pictures with Umbara Brothers Film, Sabar Ini Ujian features one of the first time-loop-styled stories (think Groundhog Day) to be filmed in Indonesia. The film features two soap opera stars, Estelle Linden and Mike Ethan alongside Vino Bastian as the lead.

The film follows Sabar, who didn’t show up to his wedding day with Astrid due to some childhood trauma. Four years later, he gets an invitation to Astrid’s second wedding, to a high school friend named Dimas. After he goes to the wedding and sees the woman he loves marrying his best friend, he tries to sleep but keeps waking up to find it is the same day. In the end, he tries to do all he can to make sure he can be with Astrid, his true love.

While the film is easily available through Disney+ Hotstar in Indonesia, Disney fans abroad will have to do a little bit more work to see this massively popular movie (with whatever subtitles they need). Those who have a VPN can set their region to Indonesia, which will allow them to see Sabar Ini Ujian available to stream.

Those who want to have a serious laugh and enjoy a massively popular film from another country should be sure to give Sabar Ini Ujian a watch — its streaming popularity alone is enough to recommend it.