This Is The Best Movie Scene Rob Zombie Has Ever Directed According To The Internet

Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie is a legend in the horror community, and his contributions to the entertainment industry as a whole are on another level. Zombie has done it all, from songwriting and singing to filmmaking and voice acting—he’s a man of many hats, and they’re all a little spooky.

Some of Zombie’s most influential works of art are born from his love of all things horror and his experience growing up in the carnival circuit. He lived unique experiences and moments that gave him a keen vision of striking genuine fear in those who would become fans of his work.

One of Zombie’s fans started a Reddit thread that showcased a favorite; the beginning of House of 1000 Corpses, and many agree that it’s one of the most incredible things Zombie has created.

Fans went on to talk about the film as a whole and what they loved most about it.

This fan loved Sid Haig chewing you out for not picking an option via the home screen.

So many people sat around on the home screen of the House of 1000 Corpses. Talk about great marketing.

This fan agrees that the scene is one of the most wonderful he’s directed.

Others say the movie changed their life where horror was concerned.

This user gives it five stars, sharing a favorite quote.

Of course, many used the thread to pay respects to Sid Haig, an absolute legend in horror and one of the sweetest guys.

This fan says the entire movie, not just the opening, is their favorite work from Zombie.

While many agreed that the intro was excellent, fans also said that some of Zombie’s other films would be better classified as his most outstanding.

What do you think of House of 1000 Corpses? Do you have another Zombie movie that you’d call your favorite? Let’s talk about it.