This Legendary Marvel Character Will Reportedly Appear In Eternals 2

Even though Eternals hasn’t hit theaters yet, we’re already getting some surprising news about the sequel.

Turns out one of the most legendary Marvel enemies of all time is reportedly going to make an appearance in the sequel. That’s right, the devourer of worlds himself — Galactus.

For those who don’t know, Galactus is a huge omnipotent entity that has to eat planets to stay alive. He’s a regular villain in Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer stories, but he appears in many different other storylines as well.

The entry in Eternals 2 could potentially set Galactus up to play a bigger part in the Marvel universe as a whole. Previously, a lot of people thought Galactus might be in the first movie due to a huge character with six eyes appearing in the trailer.

Others say this mysterious character is Eson the Searcher, a character with celestial eyes. It could also be Arishem the Judge, another celestial who’s about the same size as Galactus. This makes more sense because celestials play a key role Eternals.

The main antagonist in the Eternals movie is Kro, a Deviant warlord.

Galactus has a fairly recognizable silhouette, with two pointed horns on his helmet and two glowing eyes. He’s one of Marvel’s best villains, so it makes sense that the company would bring him to the silver screen eventually.

The character did sort of make an appearance in 2007s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer but he didn’t appear in his signature form. That was also before Disney bought Fox.

We’ll have to wait and see how Eternals handles Galactus and whether his eventual appearance sets up some future movies. We do know that Galactus plays a part in Marvel’s Secret Wars and that the MCU is building up to that movie, so it makes sense that he’ll appear soon.

Eternals hits theaters on Nov. 5.