This Mad Max Sesame Street Lego Build Will Blow Your Mind

When you think unlikely mashups, family-friendly Sesame Street pairing up with post-apocalyptic murder fest Mad Max has got to be close to the top. There couldn’t be two more diametrically opposed properties.

Sesame Street is meant to teach children about community and counting, and Mad Max teaches people that life is a bleak gorefest where only the armed survive.

Reddit user actuallyholland decided to find out what would happen if Sesame Street was in the ultra-violent Mad Max universe, and they used Lego to do it.

The creative user dropped 16 photos in the r/lego subreddit, and they’re pretty phenomenal.

A few unmissable Sesame Street characters make an appearance in the setup. Elmo appears in a “Neo-NY Bike” that looks like something out of Akira and has cool yellow flames coming out of the motorcycle.

Another set is called “The Nest.” It shows Ernie holding a crossbow and Cookie Monster wielding a chainsaw. They’re in front of a run-down building covered in Lego moss with a little satellite on top.

Oscar the Grouch appears in a mechanical walking truck called a “junk walker.” It has a crane in the front ostensibly for hooking stuff.

Of course, Big Bird is involved in the fun. Here he is peeking out the window of the nest with a sniper rifle.

The Reddit user goes as farawaybricks on Instagram, and he showed what all the characters looked like when they’re together.

While this is the first big Sesame Street/Mad Max Lego build done by the user, it’s by no means their first go at innovative Lego builds. In fact, farawaybricks has a number of Star Wars builds that highlight iconic moments from the series.

Here’s their depiction of Grogu, the baby Yoda character in The Mandalorian, when he’s trying to communicate with a Jedi.

Check out the rest of this creator’s imaginative builds on their Instagram and Reddit pages.

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