This overlooked drama with 100% on Rotten Tomatoes is available to stream now

Sometimes, incredible movies manage to go under the radar and get missed by a large number of audiences. While The Last Days of Capitalism was originally released back in 2019, many people never even knew the film existed. It stars three names you’ve likely not heard of — Sarah Rose Harper and Mike Faiola — and currently boasts a perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

It makes sense as well since the film managed to pull in several film festival awards including Best Actor for Harper’s performance at the Kansas City Film Fest and Breathought Achievement in Directing at the Twin Cities Film Festival.

One of the biggest names behind the movie is producer Adam Mervis who worked with the late Marvel actor Chadwick Boseman on 21 Bridges.

“A wealthy man is holed up in a penthouse high above the Las Vegas strip when…he meets a mysterious woman. The two embark on an emotional and intellectual roller coaster that asks us to consider much more than just sex high above the glitter of neon lights. What is the true nature of power, and those who seek it? What are the bounds of capitalism, and what is justice for those who desire it? The Last Days of Capitalism is a love story, a mystery, and a thriller all rolled into one.”

Synopsis from Official Website

The Last Days of Capitalism recently released across various video-on-demand platforms and has sadly been overlooked by many so far despite the incredibly positive reviews it has received from critics. If you want to give this indie film a chance for yourself, you can rent it on Google Play and other services now.