This Panned Mark Wahlberg Film Is Taking Over Streaming

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg’s forgotten 2018 action flick has recently resurfaced. Recently added to HBO Max’s Latin American markets, Mile 22 is surprisingly near the top of the platforms charts.

FlixPatrol reports the film was the fourth most popular movie worldwide on HBO Max yesterday. The film holds that ranking across all of the services Latin American markets and remains in fourth as of this morning.

Mark Whalberg plays an American paramilitary agent with the Special Activities Center, a real-world US agency that works directly under the president and director of the CIA. Considered the most secretive of the US’s special forces, Mile 22 indulges in the flashy and clandestine fantasies of having expert marksmanship with every gun in the world and a predator drone always backing you up.

The action takes place in Indocarr, a fictional Asian nation that looks a lot like (surprise) Indonesia with made-up foreign agents that hunt down Wahlberg’s team on the eponymous 22-mile run to extract an “asset” from the country. And, of course, Russian special agents show up.

Fighting alongside Wahlberg is Lauren Cohan. The Walking Dead Star plays a US agent on Wahlberg’s strike team, Overwatch. 

The move was marginally profitable but fell short of box office expectations. Critics were equally disappointed. To this day, the film is rated at 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, with a barely better audience score of 44%. Director Peter Berg announced he planned to make a sequel, but the production would likely have been delayed by the pandemic, if not dropped entirely. 

Until then, you can stream Mile 22 on Netflix in the U.S.