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This ridiculous idea for every Keanu Reeves film has fans thinking up the most hilarious ‘John Wick’ moments

A Keanu Reeves' fan's overactive imagination may prove to be the catalyst for future interactive cinematic experiences.

John Wick: Chapter 4
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A fan’s playful take on the most fitting conclusion for every Keanu Reeves film sparked a heartwarming swell of John Wick nostalgia.

The lovefest unfolded in the r/movies subreddit, where a cinephile shared how the final scene from The Matrix influenced their experience of Constantine.

OP’s hilarious idea of concluding all of Keanu’s films with an ascension scene resonated with fellow fans who mused about how it would impact the different narratives in his vast body of work. It turns out that Reeves’ fans are astonishingly creative, with some applying the concept in other contexts beyond acting.

Another Redditor mused that Reeve’s ascension scenes would be a groundbreaking cinematic feat in the John Wick movies.

One person pointed out that the third John Wick film featured a scene with a descending Keanu. Somehow that doesn’t quite hit the same.

Another fan rated the ascension concept as a better alternative to the existing ending of the John Wick movies.

One person contemplated how the concept might elevate the Bill & Ted universe.

Another fan worked out that the ascension scene would be the perfect post-credits addition to Keanu’s films. Just wait until AI applications are invented for movie lovers to choose their own endings.

The concept of a Keanu ascension scene is so brilliant that one can hope for the development of an AI application to make it happen sooner rather than later. However, given his role as the internet’s boyfriend, it’s probably more plausible that viewers would use the technology to end his films with a personal marriage proposal. Hey, it could happen!

John Wick: Chapter 4 will begin streaming on Starz on Sep. 26.

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