This salacious Steve Rogers xmas card is sending fans wild

Chris Evans Captain America Endgame
Image via Marvel Studios

There’s no denying that Chris Evans is exceptionally handsome, and he brings his natural charm and charisma to the role of Steve Rogers. In looks and personality, Rogers is a top superhero, and many have commented on his looks and that suit for his time as Captain America.

So much so that there was a moment in Avengers: Endgame where Cap’s suit highlighting a specific body part became a trending topic, meme, and otherwise conversation starter for MCU fans. When Scott Lang and Tony Stark talked about a particular suit Steve donned, Stark mentioned that it didn’t really accentuate his backside; Lang came to his defense and said he looked great. You can see the scene in its hilarious entirety below.

The moment became a hit, and everything from Valentine’s to birthday cards and now, Christmas cards became opportunities to highlight America’s backside, and we can’t get enough of it. A Reddit user shared a Steve Rogers Christmas card they gave to someone special this year, and we have to say, we’re a little bit upset no one sent us one of these!

Marvel fan reactions were everything from completely NSFW to absolutely hilarious, and we can’t get enough! Here are some of the most fantastic things fans said in reaction to our new favorite Christmas card.

Some fans know this art exceptionally well.

Some MCU fans think it’s a little weird, but noted that Doctor Strange says sometimes the odd is allowed.

A more NSFW version exists out there.

This Reddit user is asking critical questions.

This fan isn’t entirely convinced that the card does Rogers justice.

Did you receive any pop culture Christmas cards this year? Any highlighting our favorite Steve Rogers? Let’s talk about it.