This ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ clip shows what Liz Toomes is doing now


It’s been a painfully long wait, but Spider-Man: No Way Home is finally out – for most people anyway. Spidey’s third solo MCU adventure is an extremely fun ride through the MCU’s multiversal possibilities and somehow manages to make a story with such a big ensemble cast work.

This includes the new visitors and Spider-Man’s existing supporting cast – including MJ, Ned, May, Happy, and even Flash Thompson. Now, eagle-eyed viewers have even noticed it takes the time to give a shout-out to someone most assumed we’d seen the last of: Liz Toomes.

In Spider-Man: Homecoming, she’s Peter’s high school crush and prom date – so the fact that her dad turns out to be The Vulture is a teeny bit awkward. After her Dad is put behind bars, a miserable Liz moves to Oregon with her mom, though tells Peter that leaving her at the dance was “a very crappy thing to do”.

Now, with Peter’s identity blown, she finally knows the real story and isn’t happy. A new clip shows Doctor Strange walking past a newsstand, with Liz now on the front of People Magazine. Her verdict on Peter Parker being unmasked as Spidey? “He’s a liar”.

It’s difficult not to sympathize: if my prom date had beaten up my Dad while aboard a stealth jet zooming over the skies of New York City, I’d probably be pretty mad too.

No Way Home is full of fun Easter Eggs like these that’ll be spotted over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled when you’re watching it.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters tomorrow.