This terrifying horror flick has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes

There are horror movie subgenres that draw hard lines in the sand for fans, such as movies involving hauntings. While some horror fans love movies that deal with haunts, exorcisms, the undead, and the spirit world, others can’t⏤and won’t⏤go near them.

Watching a movie that highlights what may or may not exist just beneath the surface can be terrifying, and a perfect example of that is a film called The Last Rite. The movie has a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes and reviews that sing its praises. 

The Last Rite stars Bethan Waller, Johnny Fleming, Kit Smith, and David Kerr, with a synopsis that reads as follows:

“Suffering from sleep paralysis, a medical student falls prey to a demonic force that wants to rip her apart from within. Torn between sanity and the unknown, she’s left with no alternative but to contact a local priest for help.”

That whole ripped-apart-from-within thing sounds like a nightmare, and the trailer for The Last Rite pretty much epitomizes everyone’s worst nightmare. The idea of sleep paralysis is terrifying on its own, but when you add in being haunted by a demon who wants nothing more than to end your life, well, we can think of a million other things we’d rather experience.

You can rent The Last Rite on Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, and iTunes now.