Thomas Wayne Spotted In New Justice League Easter Egg


While fans wait for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to appear in the upcoming Flashpoint movie, it turns out that the actor has already made his second appearance in the DC Extended Universe as Batman’s pa Thomas Wayne. Well, kind of, and that’s because the character has been spotted in an easily-missed easter egg in Justice League

As clocked by Reddit user naelps, a portrait of Wayne Sr. can be seen in the dilapidated Wayne Manor, which is featured towards the end of the team-up movie. If you recall, the final moments of the film find Bruce, Diana and Alfred visiting the stately home in order to start refurbishing the place, with the aim to make it the HQ of the League.

As they enter, the shot frames them from behind, revealing Thomas’ painting placed to the left of the fireplace. Check out the screenshot below and you’ll see it for yourself:

Fans with long memories might remember the importance of this portrait. Back in 2015, set photos from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice featuring the picture leaked out, causing people to wonder if Jeffrey Dean Morgan was playing Batman’s dad in the movie. Of course, it turned out that he was, though the portrait itself didn’t end up being visible in the final cut of BvS. However, it has finally been captured on film in this brief moment in Justice League. 

As said above, this hopefully won’t be the last time we see The Walking Dead star’s face in the DCEU. It’s long been rumoured that Morgan will reprise his role as Thomas Wayne in Flashpoint. Set in an alternate version of the DC universe, it would feature Morgan playing Batman himself, as Thomas becomes the Dark Knight after his son Bruce’s death. To date, we’ve had no formal confirmation that the actor will be involved in the project, but he has hinted at it on several occasions.

Justice League arrives on digital on February 13th and will then be available on DVD and Blu-Ray from March 26th, with Amazon now taking pre-orders.