Thor and Jane Foster reunite as superheroes in new ‘Love and Thunder’ image

thor jane foster
Image via Marvel

Having been absent from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the best part of a decade, fans would be thrilled about Natalie Portman’s impending return in Thor: Love and Thunder as it is, but the circumstances surrounding her comeback have made things ten times more exciting.

Just like her comic book counterpart, the Academy Award winner’s Jane Foster will get to wield Mjolnir as the Mighty Thor, which is going to stir up plenty of emotions in Chris Hemsworth’s Odinson. His breakup with the astrophysicist has been mined for both laughs and pathos over the years, so we’re very curious to see how seeing her getting to grips with her newfound abilities will affect the confidence he’s worked so hard to restore in the aftermath of the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame double-header.

Portman was saved as the stinger of the long-awaited Love and Thunder teaser trailer, but a brand new image from Empire shows the first look at the two Thors standing side-by-side.

With only two months to go until Love and Thunder comes to theaters, we can expect the marketing campaign to kick off into high gear once Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has had its moment in the sun, which looks to be lasting a few weeks at least based on how heavily the latest installment in the MCU is dominating the cultural conversation.

However, as the first character to headline a fourth solo film, the ball is about to land firmly back in the God of Thunder’s court.

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