Chris Hemsworth Would Consider Thor Return For The Right Script


Is there a future for Chris Hemsworth’s Thor beyond the release of Avengers 4?

That’s the million-dollar question as we approach the back-to-back launch of Infinity War and its currently untitled sequel. Coming off the wildly successful Ragnarok, many had assumed that Hemsworth and director Taika Waititi would reunite for a possible fourth solo movie featuring the God of Thunder.

But if Marvel has plans for their naive Norse god, they’re being kept safely in the studio’s vaults…for now. Still, the speculation continues unabated, as Chris Hemsworth recently told Yahoo’s Sunrise program (h/t Heroic Hollywood) that his contract really is coming to an end, and he’d only consider a return to the MCU if the script was up to snuff.

Well, my contract’s coming to an end. We’ve just finished the last two Avengers. Who knows what the future holds. You know, we felt like we kind of reinvented that last one in a big way. It felt refreshed and re-energised. So, we might have a conversation if there’s another great script that comes along. But at the moment that’s it.

That aligns with his own previous comments about the future of Thor – or lack thereof – as a fourth standalone movie is really a “conversation for further down the road.”

It just depends on how The Avengers (movies) all wrap up. I finished shooting and now they are going to edit it and see how the stories play out. There are so many interwoven scenes and stories and characters. [Thor 4] is a conversation for further down the road, if it happens.

After five appearances as Marvel’s God of Thunder – six if you count that uncredited cameo in Doctor Strange – Thor will make his triumphant return when Avengers: Infinity War slams into theaters on May 4th.