Thor: The Dark World Casting Calls Suggest More Realms In The Mix

A stunt man might have accidentally revealed last week that Thor: The Dark World will include Malekith the Accursed and the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim, but if some recently uncovered casting calls for extras are any indication, the Dark Elves could be just the beginning.

Screen Rant uncovered the casting calls and has developed a few theories, the essence of which suggests Surtur and the Fire Giants of Muspelheim could be joining the fray.

Marvel Studios, which starts filming Thor: The Dark World in a month under the direction of Alan Taylor, put out a call for extras yesterday that included tattooed folks, attractive women, blond men and woman and more, but the highlight is this:

Men of Fire: For the a new Marvel Super Hero feature film we are looking for men who are skilled in playing with fire to pretend to be warriors.

Putting these unconfirmed reveals in the last week together along with what ever else has been said of the sequel to date, Screen Rant believes we could see Surtur, Malekith and Loki teaming up to some extent to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters.

In the comics, the Casket of Ancient Winters saga involves Malekith heading to Earth to take it from its human protector.

From Marvel‘s site:

The Dark Elf Malekith sought out and found the Casket’s mortal protector Roger Willis to steal away the item and use it to open a doorway for Surtur the fire demon to enter our dimension. Once that plan found fruition, Surtur and the unleashed winters could only be defeated by a heroic teaming of Thor, Beta Ray Bill and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers. It took Roger Willis to close the Casket and imprison its icy storms once more, but the final battle between Surtur and Odin came at a heavy price…

Surtur wants a similar yet polar opposite object in the Eternal Flame for his own purposes, an item we saw in Odin’s vault in Thor, which also houses the Infinity Gauntlet, the object of The Avengers 2 villain Thanos’ affection. The Casket already played a role in Thor when Loki stole it.

With some complications, Loki and Surtur use Malekith so Surtur — and ultimately Loki — can get to Asgard.

It will be a long time before we have any idea what Thor: The Dark World has in store, but let the speculation continue as filming approaches.