Thor: The Dark World Has Not One, But TWO Post Credits Scenes


At this point, it’s common knowledge that a Marvel movie isn’t over until some type of post credits scene takes place. Whether it’s a more comical bit like Tony Stark using Bruce Banner as a therapist, or a character reveal like Hawkeye showing up unannounced, fans are always treated to the next big idea in Marvel’s universe.

With Thor: The Dark World slated for release on November 8th in the US, we have to wait a full week later than our friends in the UK, but because Thor’s across the pond release is even sooner, that means it’s been screened for press already. While the review embargo doesn’t lift until October 24th supposedly (even though a cheeky message board commenter rated it 8.5/10), it has been leaked that the Asgardian defender’s latest adventure will have not one, but two post credits scenes.

Trying to catch audiences off guard, we’ll be treated to a little scene during the credits, probably something lighter, and then once the credits are officially over, we’ll get another short reveal/comedic bit. I can’t see Marvel giving us two major reveals, or two throw-away comedy bits, so you can probably expect an even split of tomfoolery and mind-blowing awesomeness.

But what could it be? Well, if we’re just speculating here, Guardians Of The Galaxy just finished shooting recently, so maybe our other-worldly heroes will make some sort of appearance? This would make some sense, because Asgard is already another world, so maybe Thor sees Rocket Raccoon dodging about outer space while riding his fancy space portal? Edgar Wright is also working on his Ant-Man film in some capacity, and he’s already teased footage – has he been duping us all along, waiting to reveal Simon Pegg as Ant-Man?! (Probably not because Paul Rudd and Joseph-Gordon Levitt were recently rumored for the part, with the latter actor denying the claims.)

Well, whatever it is we’re getting a double dose of, the moral of the story is stay until the very, very end of Thor: The Dark World. We don’t know what they’ll be, or what to expect, but they’re there, and there’s two, and they’re at different times. I’m sure they’ll be spoiled once the embargo lifts, and if they are, you can bet I won’t be posting that piece of news. There’s nothing worse than a spoiler – am I right folks?

While spoilers stink, there’s always fun in speculation. What do you think the two after credits scenes will reveal? Let us know in the comments!