Thor And The Hulk Do Battle On New Ragnarok Poster


Now that Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s release is behind us, our attention turns toward Marvel Studios’ final offering for 2017, Thor: Ragnarok. And with just months to go until it arrives in cinemas, it’s no surprise to any of us that the marketing machine is finally rolling.

Right now, both you and I are undoubtedly waiting with bated breath for the next trailer to drop – which may very well happen either this weekend at the D23 Expo or the next at San Diego Comic-Con – but, in the meantime, anything new concerning the Odinson’s third solo outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is much appreciated.

And on that note, we’ve got a striking poster to share with you today that’s a D23 exclusive. Seen below, it depicts the God of Thunder doing battle with the Hulk, a scene that’s sure to be a definite highlight in the upcoming threequel. Other than that, it doesn’t tell us a whole lot, but it’s a great piece of artwork and those at the convention this weekend would be wise to pick it up.

Though Ragnarok is still pretty far off – with a November 3rd release date locked in – it’s a big project for the studio given that the first two Thor movies are often regarded as some of the MCU’s weaker efforts. As such, there’s a lot of pressure on Taika Waititi’s threequel to turn things around for the God of Thunder and understandably, Marvel is doing everything in their power to make sure that the third time’s the charm for the hero.

But Thor: Ragnarok‘s important for another reason, too, as it’s going to have a significant effect on the events of the MCU going forward. At least, that’s according to producer Kevin Feige, who noted in a recent interview that things will “change drastically” in the film.

“I think that we are finding ourselves as we complete Phase 3 and finish this 22-movie narrative that it’s working out that way. We did three Iron Man films, three Captain America films, three Thor films. Things change drastically in Ragnarok and then build directly into Infinity War.”

On November 3rd, Thor: Ragnarok will push Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god to the absolute brink, shattering Mjolnir into a million pieces in the process. Taika Waititi is behind the lens for this one, and he’s continually impressed moviegoers through the likes of What We Do in the Shadows and the really rather excellent Hunt For the Wilderpeople. As such, we’re definitely excited to see what he’s done with the upcoming threequel.