Thor Loses His Hair In Latest Ragnarok Promo


Much like Spider-Man: Homecoming or indeed any other Marvel movie before it, Thor: Ragnarok is approaching that critical stage in its lifecycle where the Powers That Be tend to pump out countless last-minute promos in order to fan the flames of excitement.

Launch one trailer too many, though, and you risk overexposure, and there have been plenty of examples in the past where studios have ostensibly spoiled their blockbusters prior to release. Terminator: Genisys, we’re looking at you. Granted, Marvel tends to have a pretty good track record when it comes to skating around spoilers and sure enough, the latest promo for Thor: Ragnarok has arrived to prove it.

Unfortunately, if it’s new scenes you’re after, then you’ll probably be disappointed with what’s on offer here. And, given that Ragnarok is only about a month away, it’s likely that we won’t be getting anymore fresh material before release – which is quite alright with us, actually.

Still, whoever’s putting together the marketing for Thor: Ragnarok definitely deserves some kind of bonus, as they’ve consistently been head and shoulders above most of the other stuff we’ve seen from the MCU in recent times. Let’s just hope that the movie itself will live up to its excellent promotion.

We’ll know for sure quite soon, as Thor: Ragnarok hits cinemas on November 3rd and, fingers crossed, could be not just the best comic book movie of the year, but also the vehicle with which the hugely talented Taika Waititi elevates himself to the A-list.