Chris Hemsworth Says It’s Pretty Fantastic To Be Able To Play Thor Again

Thor 4

Thor: Love and Thunder will be Chris Hemsworth’s fourth solo movie as the God of Thunder and his eighth turn overall as the character in the MCU. Shooting the film will be like coming home for the actor, then. In more ways than one, in fact, as production on Love and Thunder will take place in Hemsworth’s actual home: his native Australia.

The news was made official this week via a small press conference which the star attended. You can watch a short video from the event below, in which Hemsworth touches on his excitement to return to the franchise following Avengers: Endgame, saying that it’s pretty fantastic.

This is the second Thor movie in a row to shoot in Australia, with Thor: Ragnarok filming in the Village Roadshow studios. Love and Thunder, meanwhile, will go before cameras at Fox Studios Australia in New South Wales. There are rumors that Shang-Chi will also shoot in the country, but this wasn’t confirmed at the Love and Thunder conference.

Of course, Thor 4 returning to the same country Ragnarok filmed in isn’t much of a surprise considering it sounds like a close sequel to the previous movie. Director Taika Waititi is back to put his unique stamp on the franchise once again, with Tessa Thompson also returning, after she made her debut as Valkyrie in the 2017 flick. Jeff Goldblum has also teased that he might drop by as the Grandmaster, too.

Then again, Love and Thunder will tie into the older Thor films as well by getting Natalie Portman back on board as Jane Foster. Expect Waititi to completely revamp the character, though, as Jane’ll be the one to wield Mjolnir in the movie and become the Mighty Thor herself.

We don’t know exactly when shooting will commence, but Thor: Love and Thunder is pencilled in for release on November 5th, 2021.