Thor: Love And Thunder Director Addresses Whether Beta Ray Bill’s In The Movie

Thor Ragnarok Beta Ray Bill

When it comes to characters from the Asgardian’s mythos in the comics who fans want to see in the MCU next, Beta Ray Bill is at the top of the list. The God of Thunder’s horse-faced alien ally is one of the kookier Marvel heroes, but he would surely be a good fit for the filmmaking style of Taika Waititi, who’s returning after Ragnarok for Thor: Love and Thunder. But will Bill appear in Thor 4? Unfortunately, the director can’t confirm that right now.

Waititi held a Q&A on Instagram recently in which he teased a few details about his next Marvel movie. When one fan asked him whether the Korbinite character will show up in LAT, he made clear his love for Bill but stopped short of promising us that he factors into his plans. “I love Beta Ray Bill,” Waititi said. “I’d love to have him in the film but I just don’t know right now, thing are a little up in the air.”

Bill could’ve made his MCU debut in Ragnarok, as revealed by Kevin Feige, but the character was ultimately removed so that he could be better served by the story in a future film. It looks like Waititi is having a similar problem with fitting him organically into Love and Thunder, even though he’s clearly keen to work with him.

Now would be the perfect time for Bill to make his mark on the franchise, though. Stormbreaker was just introduced in Avengers: Infinity War as Thor’s new weapon and in the comics, this is Bill’s own trusted tool. Still, we already know that Thor’s going to pass on Mjolnir to Jane Foster so that she can become a goddess. Is there room in the Thor: Love and Thunder plot for him to give his other hammer to Bill as well? Let’s hope so.