Jane Foster Becomes Thor On Awesome Love And Thunder Fan Poster

thor love thunder portman

Thor: Love and Thunder is going to shake up the Thor mythos in a major way by bringing Natalie Portman back as Jane Foster – but this time she’ll be the one holding Mjolnir. Yes, there’s a new Goddess of Thunder coming to town and this epic fan-made poster imagines how Portman may look as The Mighty Thor.

Instagram user @Finalgirl.edits created the piece, explaining that they went for a retro He-Man and the Masters of the Universe vibe. With a cosmic setting for the backdrop, it features Chris Hemsworth’s Thor – appearing as he does in Avengers: Endgame – in the center, with Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie on his left and Jane Foster, complete with full Asgardian armor, to his right.

Check it out below:

Whether Thor will still look like he does in Endgame in Love and Thunder is currently unknown. It probably depends on how long after it this movie’s set. If it follows on immediately, maybe it’ll start with “Fat Thor” before the hero gets himself in shape. Alternatively, if it jumps a certain amount of time afterwards, he might already have slimmed down. Either way, it’s hard to imagine them hiding Hemsworth under a fat suit for a whole other film.

Valkyrie’s prominent place on the poster also reminds us that she’ll be a major part of the movie. Thor named her the new king of Asgard at the end of Endgame and Thompson revealed at Comic-Con that Love and Thunder would see her looking for her queen. Which, incidentally, makes the warrior the MCU’s first openly LGBT superhero. Of course, some fans are hoping that her queen’ll be Jane Foster. Or maybe even Captain Marvel.

Who knows what writer/director Taika Waititi has up his sleeve. Unfortunately, we’ve got a while to wait, too, as Thor: Love and Thunder doesn’t get here until November 5th, 2021.