Thor: Love And Thunder Set Photos Reveal Mystery Alien Character


Thor: Love and Thunder entered production at the start of this month, and since then we’ve received a steady stream of set photos from shooting in Sydney, Australia. We’ve already had various looks at Chris Hemsworth, bulked up once again as the God of Thunder, alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy – including Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Sean Gunn (Rocket) and Karen Gillan (Nebula).

Speaking of whom, new photos have arrived revealing a fresh glimpse at the Scottish actress in costume as Nebula. The Daily Mail shared the images, which capture Gillan – in her Nebula blue bald cap – clutching what looks to be a bottle of blue body paint and some kind of box marked with the Marvel logo. Fans think it looks like a cereal box, while others are theorizing it could be a makeup kit.

The most intriguing of these pics, though, has to be the one revealing a mystery alien character. An unknown performer dressed in blue extraterrestrial makeup is snapped on a cigarette break by their trailer. Given their long coat, likely deliberately worn in a bid to obscure them, it’s hard to deduce much, but the fact that they’re a blue alien tells us something.

In the MCU so far, there are two prominent blue-skinned races. Firstly, this guy might be a Kree, who debuted in Guardians of the Galaxy before going on to be of greater importance in Captain Marvel. With Love and Thunder set to dive into the Marvel cosmos again, it makes sense that Thor and his friends could encounter the Kree, who are a big deal in the galaxy. Alternatively, he might be one of the titular hero’s old enemies the Frost giants, though he does seem to be lacking their distinctive red eyes and elaborate skin markings.

Thor: Love and Thunder is all set to light up cinema screens from May 6th, 2022.