Thor: Love And Thunder Theory Explains How Mjolnir Could Return

Thor 4

When Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in a couple of years, we know it’ll introduce a new God(dess) of Thunder in the form of Odinson’s ex-girlfriend Jane Foster. Natalie Portman made a splash at July’s SDCC by appearing on stage with a replica of Mjolnir, which will be in her possession in Thor 4. But how will Jane get to wield the mystical hammer in the movie when it was destroyed back in Thor: Ragnarok?

That remains to be seen, but Reddit user u/Justhadto has looked at the evidence and come up with the most probable way that this will happen: Jane’s Mjolnir will have to come from another timeline or universe. Remember that Hela escaped from her prison when Odin died, meaning that all his spells must’ve perished when he passed. Including the spell that gives whoever’s worthy enough to lift the hammer the powers of Thor. So, simply putting together the broken pieces from Ragnarok wouldn’t do the job.

The Redditor also reminds us that Mjolnir did return in Avengers: Endgame, where Cap lifted it and got Thor’s powers. However, this was because it was displaced in time from 2014, which is why it still had the enchantment upon it. Steve Rogers returned it to its rightful place in history by the end of the movie though, so that’s not an option for LaT. But how could Jane get her hands on another Mjolnir from a different reality?

Well, the upcoming Loki Disney Plus series may provide the answer. The show will follow the trickster in the alternate timeline created by him escaping custody in 2012 New York. One report has even claimed the God of Mischief will pinch the Mjolnir from this universe – somehow – and hop over to the main timeline. And yes, this apparently means we can expect to see Tom Hiddleston in Thor: Love and Thunder.