Thor: Ragnarok Gets The 80s Treatment In This Pitch Perfect Fan Trailer


Like the Guardians of the Galaxy movies before it, it’s clear from what we’ve seen so far that Thor: Ragnarok is heavily inspired by the big, bold sci-fi films of the 1980s. You just have to look at its kitschy revised logo to work that out. Now, Nerdist has taken that idea to its natural conclusion and imagined what it would be like if Ragnarok had been made in that decade with this hilarious new trailer.

For anyone who remembers the era, the video below is a spot-on recreation of the trailers of the day. From the grainy picture quality that looks like it comes straight off a worn-out VHS tape to the jaunty music choices to the obligatory bombastic voiceover making terrible puns, it’s all here. A particularly nice touch is the clever downgrading of the state of the art CGI in the movie to resemble wonky 80s visual effects.

This trailer even goes so far as to remove the modern computer generated Hulk and instead replace him with Lou Ferrigno’s body painted version from the classic Incredible Hulk TV series of the era. Marvel fans will also note the use of footage from 1988’s The Trial of the Incredible Hulk TV movie – which saw the Jade Giant take on the God of Thunder. Finally, the icing on the cake is the use of clips of a young Jeff Goldblum, replacing the footage of the 2017 model. Oh, and did everyone catch that Wilhelm Scream?

Thor III: Ragnarok – The Motion Picture… Er, we mean Thor: Ragnarok is set to arrive in cinemas on November 3rd. Will it be just as much “a world of fantasy and excitement” as this trailer promises? Let’s hope so.

Source: Youtube

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