Thor: Ragnarok Action Shots Pinpoint The Friends And Foes Populating Sakaar


Coming off its impressive showing at San Diego Comic-Con, Thor: Ragnarok is beginning to enter the home stretch ahead of its theatrical release in November.

We’ve seen high-res action shots and entire clips dedicated to the fantastical world of Sakaar, while yesterday brought forth the threequel’s Japanese trailer and with it, our first true look at Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange interacting with the God of Thunder. It’s an extension of that end-credits scene that was included in the Sorcerer Supreme’s solo outing, while also serving as a tantalizing primer for the duo’s inevitable reunion in Avengers: Infinity War. Also, fun fact: Ragnarok has been titled Thor: Battle Royale in anticipation of its Japanese release.

And frankly, it’s a fitting subtitle for what’s shaping up to be the wackiest Thor movie to date. Headed up by director Taika Waititi (Hunt For the Wilderpeople), Ragnarok opens at a time when Asgard is in complete disarray. Hela has landed, bringing with her a wave of destruction that effectively flings Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god off into the dark recesses of space.

Stripped of his prized Mjölnir, Thor embarks on a “journey of self-discovery,” as he cobbles together a team of reluctant heroes – namely Loki, Valkyrie and the Incredible Hulk – to restore Asgard to its former glory. All of that and more is teased in the gallery above, which includes close-up shots of Heimdall (Idris Elba), Skurge (Dredd‘s Karl Urban) and Jeff Goldblum as Sakaar’s wonderfully eccentric Grandmaster.

Thor: Ragnarok opens on November 3rd, when diehard Marvel fans will be on the lookout for what’s supposedly Stan Lee’s funniest cameo yet. The comic book legend has racked up several memorable appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe alone, so we can only imagine what crowd-pleasing delights Taika Waititi has in store.