Behind-The-Scenes Featurette For Thor: Ragnarok May Include Slight Story Spoiler

A newly-unveiled BTS featurette for Thor: Ragnarok appears to show the God of Thunder summoning Mjolnir while sporting his cropped new haircut. But what could it mean?

Coming to us by way of Entertainment Tonight, this is the same featurette in which Chris Hemsworth bigs up the gladiatorial brawl between Hulk and his Asgardian – between two Phase One Avengers – ahead of the threequel’s November release date. However, there may be more to ET’s video feature than meets the eye.

As CBM points out, down below you’ll find a shot of Chris Hemsworth summoning the fabled Mjolnir in front of a floor-to-ceiling blue screen. So far, so familiar, right? But lean a little closer and you’ll realize that this sequence appears to take place long after Thor has lost his luscious blonde locks.

Going off Ragnarok‘s blistering trailers, Cate Blanchett’s Hela descends on Asgard and shatters Mjolnir into a million pieces, but it would seem Thor actually regains said WMD before the credits roll. If true, it can be considered a minor story spoiler, but let’s face it; the Asgardian was always going to be reunited with his weapon of choice before Waititi’s blockbuster reached its conclusion. There’s an Infinity War on the horizon, after all.

Elsewhere, here’s an extract of Hemsworth drawing attention to the much-touted battle brewing between Thor and Hulk, and why the threequel was largely written around said fight early on in the creative process.

Before [the fight] was written in the script, [the movie] was centered around it. And I thought, ‘Whoa I’m in!’ He does get a hair cut. There’s no huge explanation, really. It’s just me going, ‘I don’t wanna wear the wig every day.’ It takes 2 hours to put on! We kind of just run with the creative license there. Give you a different look, you know?

Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel’s third and final blockbuster of 2017, has been penciled in for a release on November 3rd. And yes, it’ll herald the so-called “fight of the century” between Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god and the Incredible Hulk.

Source: ET