James Gunn Explains Yondu’s Surprise Appearance In The Thor: Ragnarok Extras


Picture the scene: you’re immersed in Thor: Ragnarok and silently awaiting Skurge’s execution when all of a sudden, Yondu Udonta wanders onto set, bringing production to a temporary halt as he makes his way through a crowd of extras.

Turns out that’s exactly what transpired on the set of Ragnarok, as a recently-revealed bonus scene showed Michael Rooker’s Ravager interrupting Skurge’s latest execution – much to the delight of Marvel’s pool of extras, who looked to a fully-costumed Yondu with a mixture of shock and confusion.

It’s a wonderful slice of fan service that managed to find its way onto the Ragnarok Blu-ray, and thanks to Guardians director James Gunn (h/t Cinema Blend), we now have an explanation as to why Michael Rooker was on set in the first place.

For those of you asking me how a Yondu deleted scene is on the Thor Ragnarok extras – I believe Rooker was at the lot shooting his bit for the Guardians Mission Breakout ride/Halloweeen version, and he stopped by the Thor set to goof around. Rooker, correct me if I’m wrong.

There’s currently no sign of video footage to showcase Yondu’s surprise appearance, but we know that after moseying his way through the Asgardian crowd, Michael Rooker’s fan-favorite asks to be pointed in the direction of Kevin and Lou’s office – for the record, he’s likely referring to Marvel producers Kevin Feige and Louis D’Esposito. Talk about meta!

Currently available via Digital HD, Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok is expected to light up Blu-ray and DVD on March 6th. And the God of Thunder is bringing a whole raft of bonus content to home video – Odin’s original death notwithstanding – the details of which can be found below.

Source: Twitter