Thor: Ragnarok, Captain Marvel To Film Down Under?


Buoyed by the success of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Disney – and, by extension, Marvel – are reportedly interested in setting up production on both Thor: Ragnarok and Captain Marvel in Australia, according to sources close to Yahoo! Movies.

While it would make for a short commute to and from work for the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, the outlet reasons that Disney is aiming to cut costs with its superhero threequel and standalone film, with the company’s familiarity with Down Under negating the need for expensive location scouting and the like.


What this means for Thor: Ragnarok will ultimately be told in time, but it suggests that Marvel is ready to kick production into motion as soon as early 2016, as soon as Hemsworth’s involvement in Civil War is wrapped up. Speaking of which, we gather that Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers 2.5 will all but set-up the God of Thunder’s next solo outing. As for Yahoo’s report, here’s the not-quite-official word.

“The big bosses were very pleased throughout the year it took to shoot out here and now they’re looking at bringing out one of the Marvel films. They were also able to work across a lot of different locations which has saved them scouting for the Marvel movie.”

It’s hardly surprising to hear that Disney is at the very least considering a change of scenery for Marvel’s Phase Three tentpoles. Not only does it act as a black slate of sorts, but it ensures that the company can keep a tight grip on profit margins – the blockbuster game is expensive, after all. It remains to be seen whether this report pans out, though if it does, Captain Marvel could follow in Ragnarok‘s footsteps when it steps in front of the cameras in 2017. Aside from the fan support championing Ronda Rousey for the part, there’s still no word on who will play Carol Danvers in the final feature.

Thor: Ragnarok is due July 28, 2017, while Captain Marvel will finally introduce Marvelites to the company’s first female standalone feature on November 2, 2018.

Source: Yahoo News!