Thor: Ragnarok Coming To Disney Plus This Thursday


As you may know (or may not, no judgement here), there’s a new streaming service fresh into the marketplace ready to compete vigorously for your time, money, attention, all of the above. Disney+ has been online for just under 3 weeks now (in certain territories, but more on that later), and the company are engaged in the process of loading more of their library onto the service sooner rather than later. All but 4 films in the MCU were available to view on launch, but I can tell you now that number will soon be 3.

Thor: Ragnarok was a hit with both fans and critics when it opened in 2017 – becoming the Thor trilogy’s highest grossing pic and the highest rated on Rotten Tomatoes. So, fans will be delighted to hear that this notable omission from the Disney catalogue will not be missing for much longer.

Ragnarok is scheduled to make its streaming debut on December 5th. That means it’ll be here in time for the weekend. Huzza indeed. It also means it’ll be here in time for those prepping for a holiday movie-watching binge-fest. Anyone gearing up for a 23-film Marvel marathon has my condolences, you squalid lunatics.

I feel compelled to caveat this with my earlier statement, “available in certain territories,” though. Because unless you hail from – bear with me here – America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of all places, the Netherlands (why?), Disney+ has yet to launch. European nations including the UK, France, Germany and Russia will get their chance to use the service from March 31st, 2020. Until then, Disney fans from those desperate places – like myself – will just have to make do with such archaic tools as DVDs and downloads.