Thor: Ragnarok Deleted Scene Reveals Hela’s Original Entrance


Seeing as we’ve run out of scenes from the actual films to dissect, how about we analyze a Marvel clip that didn’t make it into the finished movie? Yes? Ok, well, I have just the thing.

Here’s a deleted scene from Thor: Ragnarok, which sees the entrance of Hela as originally planned, in an alleyway in New York:

I mentioned this was how the scene was originally planned and Marvel fans will no doubt be well aware of that fact. Waititi ultimately reshot the sequence in Norway though, bringing the characters closer to their Nordic roots. Now, the scene has finally been released as part of the Infinity Saga boxset and thanks be to Twitter so that I don’t have to shell out many, many pennies to see it for myself (believe me, I would not).

Of course, Ragnarok has gone down as one of the most popular of the MCU’s many-coloured offerings, and for good reason. The film saw director Taika Waititi push Disney’s strict corporate control to limits that I’m still to this day staggered execs permitted. He should have been joining Edgar Wright (booted from Ant-Man) and Scott Derrickson (booted from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) on the are-you-trying-to-be-even-slightly-creative casualty list. Instead, he slipped through the net, and audiences ended up the biggest winners. See, sometimes people do escape the algorithm.

Drop a comment if you, too, have thoughts. I should probably be more specific, though. Everyone has thoughts, after all. So, I’ll try to say that again. Drop a comment if you, too, have thoughts about the contents of this article, and/or Thor: Ragnarok. Not if you just have thoughts in general. I’m glad we could clear that up.