A Female-Led Thor Movie? Kevin Feige Says It’s Not Out Of The Question


Arise, Jane Foster, rightful wielder of Mjölnir?

That’s a changeover that has already occurred in Marvel Comics, but what are the chances of Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder giving way to Miss. Foster on the big screen? Fairly slim, we imagine, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s off the table.

Not only is Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd) a big fan of the idea, but Kevin Feige himself recently weighed in on the possibility of a female-led Thor movie. Currently in the midst of promoting Ragnarok, the Marvel boss admitted that the studio’s pool of writers always “look back to the comics” as their primary source of inspiration, hence the decision to adapt the likes of “Planet Hulk” and “Civil War.” Could “Original Sin” be next in line for the big-screen treatment?

To his credit, Kevin Feige didn’t outright confirm a female-led Thor film; merely that it’s not out of the question. However, after three solo movies wielding Mjölnir, perhaps now is the right time for Chris Hemsworth to hang up the hammer? The Aussie actor did admit that he was beginning to tire of his Norse god prior to the arrival of Ragnarok – you can thank Taika Waititi’s wacky vision for re-igniting his interest – so it may well be a question of when, rather than if Thor is replaced.

Either way, here’s what Feige told Movies.com, with a tip of the hat to CBM:

We always look back to the comics to get those ideas … sometimes very specific storylines like “Civil War,” sometimes just nuggets or characters like “Planet Hulk. So anything that’s happened in the comics, even a female Thor, become great potentials and the ideas from which future movies can be born.

Buoyed by stellar reviews and a double thumbs-up from James Gunn, Thor: Ragnarok will see a release on November 3rd.