Does Thor: Ragnarok’s Post-Credits Scene(s) Feature The Guardians of the Galaxy?


Three weeks ago, we brought you the news that Thor: Ragnarok, like so many big-budget blockbusters before it, was about to undergo a series of reshoots to help fine-tune Taika Waititi’s spacefaring adventure ahead of its release in November.

The extent of those reshoots and pick-ups remained a mystery, but as Tessa Thompson, who is on board to play the fierce warrior known as Valkyrie, tells Collider, Ragnarok‘s post-credits scene (or should that be scenes?) was filmed during this extra spell in production. What’s particularly interesting is that those scenes, which reportedly required Caucasian-looking men between 5’10″ and 6’1″ took place in Atlanta, the current home of Ant-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Infinity War.

Of the two, it’s the latter Marvel movie that holds the strongest ties to Thor: Ragnarok. After all, the God of Thunder himself, Chris Hemsworth, went on record just recently to outline the connective tissue that exists between Ragnarok and Infinity War, after that leaked teaser showed the wounded son of Odin boarding the Milano to greet the Guardians of the Galaxy. Perhaps one of Ragnarok‘s post-credits stingers involves Thor coming into contact with Star-Lord and Co., then? Or are you more inclined to believe that that crowd-pleasing moment will be reserved for May 4th?

Either way, Tessa Thompson spoke to Collider just as Ragnarok wrapped two weeks’ worth of additional photography, during which time Taika Waitit and the team captured those post-credits scenes.

Dude, we killed it. I mean hopefully. We did so many setups, and also what was so exciting is you could see like at the end of the day it would get cut in… There’s two characters in the film that potentially have a fight scene, and some of the reshoots were just adding. So it wasn’t like reshooting stuff, a lot of it was just additional photography or like shooting tags which may or may not have included cameos from elsewhere.

Thor: Ragnarok opens on November 3rd. At 100 minutes in length, it’s reportedly on course to become the shortest instalment in the MCU to date, one in which the God of Thunder is at his comedic best.

Source: Collider