Thor: Ragnarok Producer Traces The Asgardian’s Journey To Saakar


Just how did the God of Thunder wind up on Sakaar?

That was the question presented to executive producer, Brad Winderbaum, who was one of the Marvel stalwarts involved in the creation of Thor: Ragnarok. And so, after detailing Thor’s mutual (?) break-up with Jane Foster and how Ragnarok connects to the overarching Marvel Cinematic Universe (spoilers: Taika Waititi’s threequel takes place around the same time as Homecoming and Civil War), Winderbaum traced the Asgardian’s journey to Sakaar.

First reported by, these comments can be interpreted as mild spoilers, so we’ve included them below the gallery of behind-the-scenes photos on the chance you’re avoiding any pertinent story details for Thor: Ragnarok prior to its release on November 3rd. With that in mind, continue on at your own discretion.

Still with us? When asked specifically about how Thor wound up on Sakaar in the first place, Winderbaum noted that there are a number of galactic avenues that lead to the far-flung alien rock, and Marvel’s God of Thunder just so happens to get spat out close to Sakaar as part of an “amazing sequence.”

Basically there’s any number of ways that one can end up on Sakaar. And a lot of times if someone- the idea is that if someone is using a wormhole to travel from Point A to Point B in the cosmos but there’s some sort of failure and you go off the route, you’re going to get spat out [on Sakaar]. And with the Bifröst being essentially a teleportation wormhole mechanism, without going into great detail, something goes horribly wrong in an amazing sequence, and [Thor] gets spat out. And one of the first people he meets there is this bounty hunter. A nameless bounty hunter named SR-142, who is Valkyrie.

When it comes to Thor and Valkyrie’s budding friendship, Tessa Thompson’s warrior is essentially Thor’s equal, though it appears Taika Waititi has downplayed any chance of romance blossoming between the two.

Thor: Ragnarok shoots for theaters on November 3rd.

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