Ragnarok Star Chris Hemsworth Game For Thor/Spidey Team-Up


Look away now, Mark Ruffalo, for Chris Hemsworth has teased Thor’s new sidekick.

While out promoting Thor: Ragnarok, the Aussie actor sat down with Vanity Fair (via ComicBook.com), where he touched on everything from Taika Waititi’s direction to the inevitable transition to Avengers: Infinity War. It’s a film of “infinite proportions,” according to MCU architect Kevin Feige, who has been busy pouring ice-cold water over the supposed rivalry between Marvel and DC.

As for Chris Hemsworth, though, he was recently asked if he’d like to see the God of Thunder team up with another Avenger at some point in the future, to which he replied:

I want as much help as I can get. Especially if it’s a Thor movie. I’m like, ‘Give me Hulk; give me Spider-Man;’ give me someone to help me take the weight of responsibility off my shoulders.

It won’t be long before Hemsworth’s wish is granted, given he’ll be sharing the screen with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man for Infinity War and, presumably, its untitled sequel. Beyond that, it’s difficult to imagine that Marvel’s cosmic deity (Thor) will have much affiliation with the young Peter Parker, but should the possibility of a spinoff movie and/or potential crossover arise, it’s clear that Chris Hemsworth is fully on board. Which is just as well, given the actor was beginning to grow tired of the MCU and his Norse god prior to the advent of Ragnarok.

And even after only two weeks on the market – Thor: Ragnarok debuted overseas a full week before its U.S. launch – Taika Waititi’s spacefaring threequel has already scored $420 million at the global box office. That figure will continue to climb in the coming weeks, too, while Marvel fans can also look forward to the oncoming release of Avengers: Infinity War in 2018.