International TV Spot For Thor: Ragnarok Dials The Action Up To 11


Two months out from release, and the exhaustive marketing campaign for Thor: Ragnarok is now beginning to enter the final stretch. And it’s just as well, too, lest Marvel spoil the entirety of Taika Waititi’s intergalactic road trip.

Dubbed the buddy cop movie of the MCU, Ragnarok is all about pushing the God of Thunder like he’s never been pushed before. Set a full four years after the events of The Dark World – and two after Age of Ultron, for those keeping track – Waititi’s first entry in the ever-evolving franchise begins with the Norse god confronting evil at his doorstep. Hela, Goddess of Death, has descended upon Asgard to claim Odin’s throne as her own, and despite his best efforts, Thor is unable to put an end to her devastating siege.

Stripped of Mjölnir and flung to the other side of the universe, the God of Thunder crash lands on the dusty old planet of Sakaar. Those familiar with the Planet Hulk comic book arc ought to recognize that name, as it’s here where Mark Ruffalo’s rage monster has spent years becoming the people’s champion – the Incredible Hulk.

But the arrival of Thor changes all that, as our Norse god begins to cobble together a team of unlikely heroes to save Asgard from total annihilation – or Ragnarok, which roughly translates as “the end of all things.” Yikes!

Flanked by Hulk, Loki, Valkyrie and presumably Lady Sif, Jaimie Alexander’s fearless Asgardian warrior, up above you’ll see Marvel’s new team take the fight to Hela in spectacular fashion. November 3rd can’t come soon enough.

The God of Thunder embarks on his journey of self-discovery when Thor: Ragnarok touches down in just a few short months, and yes, it’ll seemingly herald the “fight of the century.” We are, of course, referring to Thor and Hulk, who will entertain the wacky citizens of Sakaar before joining forces for the fight against Hela.