Tessa Thompson Previews The “Really Fun” Brawl Between Valkyrie And Loki Ahead Of Thor: Ragnarok


Place your bets, folks, for Valkyrie and Loki are about to lock horns in spectacular fashion.

Up until now, Thor: Ragnarok has dedicated so much of its marketing campaign to Hulk and Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder – and rightly so – that the conflict brewing between Loki and Tessa Thompson’s franchise newcomer has arguably been overlooked. Until now, at least.

Entertainment Weekly has blown the lid off two new action shots for Thor: Ragnarok, one of which finds those two unlikely allies engaging in some hand-to-hand combat. And like all great screen duos, Marvel fans can look forward to some fisticuffs before Valkyrie and Loki ultimately find themselves on the same team, presumably fighting off Hela, Goddess of Death. That’s a climax that’s teased in today’s second Ragnarok still, which places all four heroes – including Thor and the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) – on Asgard’s famous Rainbow Bridge.

On the topic of Valkyrie vs. Loki, though, here’s what Thompson told EW:

That fight was so much fun. So much fun. First of all. the choreography was really punchy and physical, not as much sword work which sort of keeps you at arm’s length with people. I think because Tom’s character is involved there’s a cheekiness to that fight that made it just really fun — it just felt like a tennis match. I don’t know if it remains but there were a lot of one-liners between us. So it has a real sort of sense of humor.

Being the God of Mischief and all, Valkyrie soon learns that Loki can’t be trusted in the slightest – as evidenced by Tom Hiddleston’s sly grin – and here, Thompson pinpoints the “thin line between how much they hate and love each other.”

Eventually, she figures out Lok’s not to be trusted. I just think there’s something about two folks that kind of come from the same place in a sense, that have the same chip on their shoulder in a way. There’s a thin line between how much they hate and love each other.

Thor: Ragnarok is booked in for release on November 3rd. Once Asgard has been pulled back from the brink, and the God of Thunder happens across Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Hemsworth’s Thor will join the fight against the invading Thanos for Avengers: Infinity War. Look for that one to drop on May 4th.

Source: EW