If Marvel Orders A Valkyrie Spinoff, Tessa Thompson Wants Gina Price-Bythewood To Direct


Out of all the many eccentric personalities lining the ranks of Thor: Ragnarok – Korg and The Grandmaster, to name but two – there’s been a groundswell of support for Valkyrie, the badass bounty hunter played by Tessa Thompson.

Introduced as the first openly bi-sexual character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if it’s not explicitly addressed in the actual film – rumor has it that one of Ragnarok‘s early cuts featured an LGBT scene, but it was ultimately left on the editing room floor – Valkyrie has managed to strike a chord with moviegoers the world over, so it’s no wonder why a small pocket of the Internet have been staking a claim for a potential spinoff movie.

Of course, Thompson’s mercenary is by no means the only Thor: Ragnarok character tipped to return – both Korg and Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster have been linked with future appearances in the MCU as well. Nevertheless, given her fearless warrior almost stole the show from Loki and the God of Thunder, Marvel fans have made a good case for a standalone Valkyrie movie. And at least based on Tessa Thompson’s recent Twitter exchange, those cries haven’t fallen on deaf ears.

As spotted by Screen Rant, Silver and Black‘s Gina Price-Bythewood took to Twitter to voice her admiration of Valkyrie, a “badass black female hero” worthy of a spinoff movie. That’s intriguing in and of itself, assuming Price-Bythewood will find time on her busy schedule to helm a Marvel film.

Soon thereafter, Thompson spotted the endorsement, and essentially tipped Gina Price-Bythewood with the hypothetical project:

It’d be foolish to read too much into this online exchange – for one, they happen all the time among Hollywood’s leading creatives, while Marvel is yet to detail Valkyrie’s future in an official capacity.

Still, we live in hope. Thor: Ragnarok, meanwhile, is playing in theaters across the globe, and has already made a pretty penny at the international box office.