Thor To Also Be Released In IMAX 3D

It has been said that bigger is better. So why not apply that to the movie screen? Marvel has announced that they have finalized an agreement to release Thor in digital IMAX theaters worldwide on May 6, 2011. Given the size of the world of Asgard and the intense actions sequences that are to be expected in Thor, the film is sure to benefit from the bigger screens and enhanced sound. Not to mention those higher ticket prices that IMAX will contribute to. Also, you can be sure that if this goes well, we’ll be seeing Captain America: The First Avenger in IMAX as well.

The film, based on the well-known Marvel comic book, is directed by Kenneth Branagh, produced by Kevin Feige, and stars Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Anthony Hopkins, among others. It’s one of many superhero films coming out this summer but it does look to be one of the better ones. Early reviews are starting to trickle out and for the most part, they’re positive. Make sure to check back next week for our early review.