The God Of Thunder Takes The Throne In New Thor: Ragnarok Promo


If we think of the narrative arc of the Thor films, with his Avengers appearances sprinkled in, it becomes clear that they form something of an origin story for an Asgardian King. He’s always been destined to take the throne in the absence of his father, Odin – but Thor has thus far been reluctant, and avoided it at all costs. This has caused problems for Asgard – most notably when last we saw the throne and it had Loki sitting in it, impersonating Odin. Thor: Ragnarok, being the third instalment, will apparently bring that arc to a satisfying conclusion – as a new promotional clip released this week sees the God Of Thunder finally take his rightful seat.

There’s much to be gleaned from this brief snippet of the highly anticipated movie. Firstly, the fact that Thor has short hair while sitting on the throne indicates that this scene takes place in the later stages of the film – after Hela’s initial attack on Asgard, during which she crushes Mjolnir. Secondly, the fact that Hela approaches and tells Thor, “You’re in my seat,” could indicate that she’s spent a period of time on the throne while Thor has been busy on Sakaar, fighting Hulk.

So, it would seem that Asgard comes under attack from Hela, Goddess Of Death, and Thor finds himself on Sakaar as a result. He then forms a posse to ride back into town and reclaim his Kingdom – something which causes him to finally accept his leadership role in Asgard. As far as Hela is concerned, however, he’s merely keeping her seat warm for her.

Overall, this new promo simply reaffirms what we already know – that Taika Waititi is about to deliver a Marvel film unlike any we’ve ever seen, and one in which a cast of memorable characters are never who we think they are. Color us excited!

Thor: Ragnarok arrives in theatres on November 3rd.